Mission ( Vivekananda Ramakrishna Mission B.Ed. College )

                        This temple of making Teachers nearing the caption “Vivekananda Ramakrishna Mission B.Ed. College” has been established with some avowed objectives for preparing nest human resources for the society and the nation at large in accordance with the NEP 1986. We believe that a set of good teachers can only produce a set of honest responsible democratic citizens from the class room who can shape the future destiny of India as because the civilization of a country absolutely depends upon a good system of body, mind & spirit of our students who have enormous innate potentialities, proclivities and creative energies. Education attuned with spiritual development is the only panacea for ensuring a healthy society based upon the substructure of love, non-violence, tolerance, discipline, devotion, dedication, liberty, equality, fraternity & brother-hood. Therefore in order to fulfill the dreams of SWAMIJEE, this Institution has been equipped with a set of professionally high qualified dedicated teachers with a mission to work tenaciously &diligently by the help of modern Audio Visual Aids, dedicated internet tower with Wi-Fi facilities, video-conference system, equipments and apparatus, along with electronic & electric gadgets for providing quality education to our intakes. The significant feature of this Institution is to epitomize a synthesis of oriental wisdom and western scientific temper for enrichment of physical, mental and spiritual power already in men.

                      Over & above, for multi-dimensional growth of students, adequate arrangements have been made for co-curricular education such as dance, drama music, games and sports, carpentry, tailoring, gardening, agriculture etc. In nutshell, no stone has been left unturned for producing best academic outputs & to make it Institution of excellence., no stone has been left unturned for producing best academic outputs & to make it Institution of excellence.
 Vivekananda Ramakrishna Mission B.Ed. College

Vivekananda Mission B.Ed.College

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